Histoire & Philosophie de la marque française aristow sportswear chic



Julien Couderc, a young man passionate about sport and fashion, who after studying in France and the United States decides to take its destiny in hand; in Saint-Tropez, where he was first hired in the most prestigious complex, then in Courchevel in an internationally renowned palace: unique places that allow him to make fruitful meetings both on a human and professional level and open up the first door the closed circle of the world of luxury.

From Geneva to Los Angeles or Miami, it is the creative and voluntary spirit of Julien that will bring him back to St. Tropez as a framework for the realization of his dream of creating a line of clothing sportswear chic and comfortable in the most pure French tradition of quality.

ARISTOW fruit of perseverance and enthusiasm of its creator, marks the beginning of a great adventure.

For this self-taught perfectionist Aristow is the way to convey the emotions provided by these elite sports.

"Fashion is ephemeral, our style... timeless"



The French brand ARISTOW, Greek aristo "best" was not chosen at random by the prestigious image that it returns.

By imposing a new concept, a unique and original design, ARISTOW breaks the codes of luxury, defying trends by adopting a timeless style, timeless and refined.
Sport can help to transcend, to be a vector of solidarity and shared passion for excellence.

ARISTOW for her first original collection is for all those who love the sport, in what is most noble but also more elegant.
The garment is the image of the sport it represents and serves to support the intense emotion that emerges.

Aristow is all about: a typography and a unique logo on the sport chosen, quality materials, attention to detail, style suitable for all ages, models made with all the French expertise.
Adopt Aristow style is to first choose the quality of a high-end line, chic and refined, but also to be a witness to an extraordinary human adventure by integrating the privileged circle of luxury clothing.